NTTL Group s.r.o. was founded in 2014 on the basis of the parent company CLEAN-EX LLC, one of the leading cleaning companies with operations throughout the whole United States. In the U.S. our company has many years of experience with cleaning high traffic areas such as airports, factories and shopping malls attended by up to 8,000 people daily. We are a modern, flexible and reliable cleaning company providing comprehensive facility management. We will get rid of all your troubles with any cleaning method. NTTL group s.r.o. is based in Prague. It was created specifically for the European market and is led by management that has experience in commercial cleaning for more than 16 years. As a part of our cleaning service, we provide regular and irregular cleaning of common areas such as commercial and medical premises, residential buildings, and offices.

Our company guarantees a professional and skilled approach from our employees. All work is performed only at a time that suits our customers and does not interfere with normal working operations. NTTL Group s.r.o. is focused on a complete cleaning service of commercial space. Our advantage is the ability to ensure cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have many years of experience in commercial cleaning of buildings and individual homes. We use the latest technology in cleaning with a professionally trained staff.

To each and every one of our clients individually, according to their needs, we try to satisfy everyone with the maximum effort. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, fairness, and staff friendliness for reasonable prices. Even for the most demanding requirements.
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